FAQs For Publishers

Publishers FAQs


Question: Will Nisalink overwrite my existing affiliate links?
Answer: Nisalink approves of all kinds of already existing affiliate network links and we do not intend to overwrite any of them. In cases where merchants comprise an affiliate tracking of their own, it may become difficult for us to recognize them.

Question: How can I exclude Nisalink from pages, blocks of text, and links?
Answer: If you want to stop Nisalinks from accessing merchant links, you can go to our website as we have an option to do so.

Question: How do I exclude specific Merchants?
Answer: It is a possibility that we remove your particular site from the selected merchant program that you want to exclude yourself from. However, this would lead to the deprivation of any commission that could be earned from the excluded merchant site. We can also enable you to exclude a particular link, text, or page instead of cutting you off from all of the merchants' links.

Question: How are sales tracked?
Answer: We use cookies to track sales. Different cookies are used for different affiliate programs and this sets up the time duration for which you can receive a commission on every click on the link. So if the duration for the click on the link and the cookie period is 30 days, and the user after clicking on the link purchases within that period then you get a commission for that purchase.

Question: Why am I seeing clicks, but no sales?
Answer: There are various reasons why you are facing this issue namely:
There has been an error installing Nisalink for which we suggest that you go through the installation guide all over.
Your site has not received approval to link to the merchants’ program.
After the purchase, the user has deleted all the cookies.
The user is not supported by the country of the Merchant program.
The commission has been canceled by the Merchant itself.

Question: Can I see what a user purchased?
Answer: We can only share the complete size of the order purchased as merchants do not make it possible to know what exactly the user has purchased.
We are, however, currently working to make more information about the product available to the publishers.


Question: How do I add/update my payment details?
Answer: You can access the payment section of our website to get paid when you will enter all your payment details.
We make payments by Direct Deposit or PayPal.

Question: When will I get paid?
Answer: We make payments to publishers after the end of each month.
however, this is only made possible if the publisher has already updated their payment details, Nisalinks has received a commission contact-form the merchant and the total commission received has reached or crossed a certain threshold.

Question: Why is there a payment threshold?
Answer: As the Nisalink publisher, the total amount of commission must exceed a certain threshold. This is a necessity as there is a certain cost we have to deal with every payment that our program is processing.

Question: Why would a Merchant cancel a commission?
Answer: Merchants usually cancel a commission on orders that have been canceled by the customers themself. Orders that a merchant finds invalid will also be canceled ultimately.

Publisher Hub FAQs

Question: How do I know if I'm approved for a particular merchant?
Answer: Once you have been approved by Nisalinks then we directly link you up with almost every Merchant we are working with. This saves you the hassle of applying to every Merchant.
You can further confirm whether you have been approved for a specific Merchant by checking that merchant in your Publisher Hub.

Question: How often is the Hub updated?
Answer: We update the Hub after every 24 hours. You can see all the clicks received after 24 hours and the sales made are usually revealed by the end of the week.

Question: What is a Give Back Merchant?
Answer: A Give Back Merchant is a feature that brings into prominence the number of Merchants who are contributing charitably or financially to help support the crises brought in by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Question: What is a Merchant At Risk?
Answer: As a publisher, you will come across a notification that highlights a merchant at risk. This is usually shown to give you an idea that we have discovered details about a particular Merchant that may affect them in a certain negative aspect. This is also to create awareness so that you are connected with the most eligible merchants available.

Question: What does 'low activity' mean?
Answer: This is a page on your site where we will notify you about links that are not receiving any clicks. This page is a compiled page impression of all the pages that have not received any clicks.


Question: How do we chat with Nisalink?
Answer: At the moment a live agent to attend to your queries is not yet available. However, you can visit our website and check out the different articles and blogs that can help you find the information you are looking for.

Question: How can I refer to other publishers?
Answer: You need to have the Nisalink javascript on your site, through which you can put a link to Nisalink anywhere on your site and we will then use the link to help you to track down the Publisher you have referred.

Question: How do I add additional users to my account?
Answer: You can create a login system for every user that each provides the users with various benefits relating to a different area of the interface.

Question: How do I contact Nisalink support?
Answer: You can visit our website and check out the support center on our website to get all the help with your problems. We also provide you with FAQs that you can use to get the most information about our program.

Question: Can I delete my Nisalink Account?
Answer: Although there has never been a case where a Publisher would want to quit our program, however, you can easily deactivate your account by visiting our account if the need arises.

Publish FAQs

Question: Can I use merchant images?
Answer: If the need arises to use images, then we suggest that you take pictures of the product and use them, or you can also use images that are specially made available for the purpose. If you are taking down pictures from other sites then it is necessary that you at least cite the source.

Question: How do I log in to Nisalink?
Answer: If you are a Nisalink Publisher then you can go to the Nisalink Publisher Hub and log into your account. If you have forgotten your password then you can reset the password via your email address.

For all publishers queries and inquiries
Email: publishers@nisalink.com