FAQs For Merchants

Merchants FAQs

Joining Nisalink

Question: Why should merchants work with Nisalink?
Answer: Nisalink is one of the top leading Affiliate Networks that provides you with a handful of high-ranking content creating affiliates. Our staff and their expertise in the field of commerce handle transactions that worth more than millions daily. Moreover, we also collaborate with numerous other affiliate networks. They help us to connect with thousands of advertisers across the world.
As a bonus, we also work with most of the top publishers from different parts of the world; we closely monitor and inspect them. We help publishers get in touch with thousands of merchants. Therefore by using Nisalink on your affiliate network, innumerable publishers get the opportunity to promote your brand to upraise your sales.
We encourage merchants to use our network Nisalink; we provide them with the best content creators at a very reasonable commission.

Question: How do I join Nisalink as a Merchant?
Answer: You must know that presently Nisalink is only working with merchants who are already part of an affiliate program. Therefore we ask merchants to become part of a network before joining Nisalink, as these networks help publishers to reach out to merchant programs quickly and more easily.
However, if you are already part of an affiliate program then all you have to do is approve Nisalink as a publisher and enable your program’s deeplink. Once you are done with this step, provided that your program deeplinks and our network is approved then our system will put you live within 2 working days.

Question: Does it cost anything to join Nisalink as a Merchant?
Answer: The best part about our network is that it cost you nothing to join us as a Merchant. All you have to do is approve us as a publisher in the affiliate network that you intend to work with and we should make you go live right after.

Question: What do I do after approving Nisalink?
Answer: Once you have approved Nisalink as a publisher in your affiliate network and we are not live with you on another affiliate network, you need to make sure that your program deep links. Once these measures are met, then our system will set you live within two days of meeting the requirements.

Question:How do I migrate my program from one affiliate network to another with Nisalink?
Answer: In a situation where you decide to migrate your program from one affiliate network to another, Nisalink will coordinate and help you achieve this in the following cases: Your program deeplinks correctly.
Nisalink has been approved as a publisher in your new network.
When leaving a network, ensure that you have removed Nisalink as your publisher on that particular network.
Once this has been done, we will automatically start sending traffic via your program within 2 working days. The best thing about Nisalink is that we also automatically change and update the tracking link from your old affiliate network to the next migrated one.

Reporting for Merchants

Question:What insights can merchants gain from domain reports?
Answer: We suggest that you use these reports to monitor performance spikes of the publishers and the kind of traffic and sales they boost towards your program. By going through these reports you can find out the new publishers that have started writing about your brands and how they are trending. You can then come into terms with the type of publishers who best promote your brand.

Question: Can Merchants request custom reports?
Answer: Yes, you can request custom made reports that will cover properly specified dates with the same metrics. However, since these reports are generated manually therefore it may take some time to generate a custom report.

Question: Why haven't i received my report?
Answer:We tend to send you your monthly report by the 4th of every month and weekly reports are sent by the start of the week. If however you have not received your report then you need to check your spam folder to make sure that our report has not been directed to your spam.
You should know that we will not be able to generate a report for the month where the Nisalink Publishers have not recorded any clicks or sales.

Question: Can I receive page level reporting?
Answer: You can gain access to page level reporting by checking out the referring URLs of the affiliate networks. For the affiliate network where a referring URL is not visible, we will have no access to any of its data too.

Question: Why can’t I see the referring URL?
Answer: Nisalink makes sure that its users are actively redirected to the referring URLs by making sure that their browser has access to the most accurate referring URL. However, if the user is not being able to see a referring URL then it is most probably because the social media had erased them from the users browser or because the URL itself does not exist.

Question: How do I stop Nisalink Publisher from brand bidding?
Answer: Brand bidding is something that we take very seriously and are completely against it. If you come across any Nisalink Publishers bidding on your brand and if Nisalink happens to be involved in this, then you can report this issue. Our team will contact the targeted Publisher and resolve the problem while keeping you updated with the process.

Merchant Optimization

Question: Can Nisalink change the merchnat name listed in the Publisher Hub?
Answer: The merchnat name is taken directly from the respective affiliate network. However, if you intend to change your merchant name in Nisalink then this will be done in the affiliate network and then be updated in the the Nisalink Publisher Hub.

Question: How can we optimize more exposure through NisaLink?
Answer: Working with some of the best publishers worldwide, we have the expertise of knowing what exactly Merchnats need to do to attract the best Publishers. Some of the useful tips that we give the Merchants are: Set a very attractive commission rate to attract and motivate our Publishers. Provide numerous dicount and promotional oppurtunities available by offering facilities such a free shipping or coupons. Interact with the publishers and let them know about your product. Link your website with technological gadget such as mobile phones.

Question: What exposure will I get if I increase commissions?
Answer: The best way to put your profile as a Merchant in the spotlight is by setting a relatively high comission rate. This not only motivates Publishers to write good content about your Product but also gives them the reason to wholeheartedly promote your brand.

Question: What types of offers work best for Publishers?
Answer: The best types of offers include Coupons, Sales and Free Shipping. These offers altogether helps to generate a higher earning on each product.

For all merchant queries and inquiries
Email: merchants@nisalink.com